Non exclusive licencing for music users and sync. applications

Non exclusive licencing for music users and sync. applications
Through the present contract, you (AUTHORs or PUBLISHER) are authorizing Pick & sing (brand) and Orit Productions (Company) to promote your material (musics or songs), and sell music licencing authorizations for any possible synchronization applications (local,national, international, radio,TV, films, web, commercials, trailers...).
Estimated selling rates, terms and conditions we are proposing to our customers :
By validating this page and uploading your material, you're are electronically signing and approving this contract, our  terms and conditions.  You are confirming being the sole writer/owner of this music/song, and/or holding the full authorizations from co-writers or/and co-publishers. You guarantee being the only owner of the recording/audio master.
If any PUBLISHER is involved, he/she is the only one authorized to submit material (Not the AUTHORS)
For exclusive licencing, we will invite the customer to get in touch with us at, then we will then get in touch with you to get your authorization so as to follow-up appropriately.
Song plugger agreement : Songwriter /publisher shall compensate Song-Plugger the following for Song- Plugger’s services listed in this Agreement:
Upon earning a song/music/ Lyrics placement providing stereo tracks or separated wav. tracks buy out (“Studio pack” fee) pursuant to Song-Plugger’s services under this Agreement, Songwriter, by this Agreement, hereby assigns to Song-Plugger Fourty Percent (40%) of the transaction/earning.
Once you material uploaded on Pick and Sing, you can proceed with modification or cancellation anytime upon simple request to Nevertheless, you accept that any licences previously sold go their term.
I approve the rates, terms and conditions without any reserve.